About Heiguang

Beijing Blacklight Education Consulting Co., Ltd. art training center (hereinafter referred to as "Blacklight education") was established in 1992, which is a brand training organization integrating photography, makeup, and digital art systematic education. Beijing Blacklight education has always attached great importance to the construction of the teaching staff team. The industry practitioners with rich experience in the industry, such as China photography gold medal, portrait photography top 10, makeup stylist, etc., gave lectures and built a solid foundation for Blacklight education. In addition, Blacklight education in Beijing also provides rich practical courses for students to go out, so that students can improve their own level in practical operation. Relying on Blacklight talent network, a recruitment website of blacklight group's film studio, Blacklight education will provide students with photography, make-up, various post in the later period, provide employment opportunities after graduation, and hold recruitment activities irregularly to solve the employment problems concerned by students.